• Asking - one of your 3 Powers

    Douglas Adams imagines a supercomputer called Deep Thought taking 7.5 million years to calculate: “The answer to life, the universe, and everything.”


    The answer it eventually arrives at is. "42."


    Unfortunately, no one has yet figured out what the question was.


    As the Zapatistas say, "Preguntando caminamos." ["We walk asking questions."]


    Let us walk together.

  • Experiments


    A sign that you are a Trainer is that you never stop asking the next question. Asking is self-invocation. Even if the answer might be scary, might be unimaginable to imagine, might offend people, you keep your Sword Of Clarity out, your Grounding Cord locked to the center of Gaia, your attention full on... you breathe, you ask, and you listen, with all 5 Body ears.


    On the one hand, question-asking is an art-form - can you navigate what is possible by asking questions the answers to which do not exist in the current space?


    On another hand, what are you doing with the information you get when your questions are answered? Do you document your path so others can make use of your good fortune? Possibility Management is that kind of treasure that grows by giving it away. How proficient are you at giving away valuable treasure? How could you improve that?

    When you wrestle with a question it changes your shape. You become the question you wrestle with. The Universe responds to your new shape. But when a question gets answered, the answer kills the question. Your quest suddenly changes into finding your next good question to wrestle with.


    Questioning together for Quest enhancement. The Quest is to team up and ignite the transformational questioner in each other.


    Self-invocation is a skill that can be trained. Then the Universe becomes the Trainer Trainer.


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